16 Science Backed Supplements That Work

ModernX - Science backed supplements that work

I’ll get back to making videos about women and dating soon, but first, I want to introduce you to something that I’ve been working on for quite a while, which is finally ready to be revealed.

Introducing ModernX, science-backed supplements that work!

One of the biggest questions that remain for people when deciding on a supplement is, will it work?

With ModernX, I’ve solved that problem by including scientific proof for all of the carefully selected ingredients in each product.

For example: With Max Man; it increases testosterone and includes ingredients that have been scientifically proven to do so.

One of the ingredients is Tongkat Ali, which has been proven to increase testosterone by 37%.

Taking Max Man helped me to go from being out of shape, to in shape in just over three and a half months, at age 43.

I started off at 77kg (169lbs) and tried working out without taking Max Man, but just ended up putting on some fat and adding a little bit of muscle.

I ended up at 80kg at that point, but it was mostly just fat because I was eating too much food, and I didn’t have a high enough testosterone level to help me get rid of the fat.

So, I started taking Max Man and within three weeks, I got up to 83 kilos because I started to add some muscle.

Yet, I didn’t have a six-pack at that point, so I thought to myself, “Well, if I’m going to show myself on the internet, then I’ll need to have a six-pack.”

I then got to work on losing body fat and went from 83kg all the way down to 67kg very quickly.

In total, I lost 16kg (35lbs) of body fat while building and maintaining muscle.

Dan Bacon ModernX - Before and after taking Max Man

It was easy to do that because of the boost in testosterone from Max Man.

As a man ages, his testosterone levels drop and at my age of 43, it was rapidly on the decline.

Had I gotten this type of testosterone boost when I was in my 20s or 30s, I would’ve been able to get in shape even faster because I would’ve had a higher default level of testosterone to begin with.

Yet, getting it done in just over three and a half months was very fast, compared to the two months I wasted with low testosterone levels where I pretty much just ended up adding fat.

Now, building and maintaining muscle and losing body fat is not the only benefit of having a higher level of testosterone.

Higher levels of testosterone also:

  • Boost your mood.
  • Increase your sex drive.
  • Boost your physical strength.
  • Reduce fatigue.
  • Increase your endurance and stamina.
  • Give you more drive for life.
  • Make you want to compete, win, and succeed.
  • Give you more follow-through to go after what you want, and;
  • Make you feel more manly and confident.

Another supplement by my new brand, ModernX, is Genius Brain, which includes ingredients that have been scientifically proven to improve focus, memory, and cognition, as well as promote clear thinking and boost your mood.

Essentially, when you take Genius Brain, it’s like flicking the ON switch in your brain and mind.

You are more focused and willing to take on tasks.

You are able to understand complex things so much easier, and it actually feels good to think about them.

Genius Brain also boosts your mood, improves your memory and ability to learn, and recall information at will.

Another example is Libido Plus, which not only boosts your sex drive, but increases the physical pleasure of sex or physical contact while also boosting your stamina and endurance.

Another example is Calm & Clear, which includes ingredients that have been scientifically proven to reduce feelings of anxiety and stress without making you feel drowsy.

Instead, your mind remains clear and you feel a noticeable boost in confidence.

There are many other products that I’ve created such as a multivitamin with immune-boosting ingredients, a supplement that has been scientifically proven to help men with erection problems to easily gain and maintain erections, a supplement that speeds up fat loss, two different types of protein powder, and a pre-workout supplement that tastes amazing and gives you significantly more stamina, endurance, and strength when working out.

The thing is, there are so many natural ingredients that when taken in the right dose, boost your capabilities in so many ways, but many people never get to experience them because the ingredients are hard to source, or a person just doesn’t want to be crunching and munching on root extracts, plant extracts, and herbal extracts throughout the day, to be able to get the benefits.

So, that’s the beauty of the supplement; you get the right amount of the ingredient to get the boost that you want.

You simply take it and get the results.

Many men go through their life never experiencing what it’s like to have a higher sex drive, a higher drive for life as a result of having a higher level of testosterone.

They don’t get to experience the increase in competitiveness in drive, in follow-through that comes with higher levels of testosterone or the ability to build and maintain muscle so much easier while losing body fat.

Likewise, many men and women miss out on experiencing what it’s like to have increased brain processing power, better memory, improved cognition, improved ability to learn and recall information, and improved attention and focus.

Many people only ever experience the base level of themselves when they could actually be experiencing a boosted, enhanced, more effective, and more powerful version of themselves.

Additionally, there are some really good supplements out there on the market that do amazing things, but not all of them work.

Some of the supplements that you can buy these days will have things listed as the ingredients, but if you actually check that, you’re not getting what is on the label and that isn’t a problem at ModernX because all of my supplements are third-party tested for purity.

That means, every ingredient that is listed on the supplement fax panel is exactly what you’re getting in the product.

Additionally, as I mentioned earlier, each of the carefully selected ingredients is backed by scientific proof, so you know that what you are taking is actually going to give you the results you want.

So, if you want to experience what it feels like to have a higher level of testosterone, more sex drive, more drive for life, more confidence, to lose fat faster, to feel healthier and more energized, then head over to ModernX and check out the range of products that I’ve created with my manufacturer in the U.S.

Max Man by ModernX Scientific proof is available on each product page.

Have a look at the Max Man product page for example.

Enjoy the boosts, enhancements and amazing results you will experience by taking ModernX supplements!


Dan Bacon
Founder, ModernX – Science backed supplements that work

P.S. Feel free to ask me any questions under this video on Youtube. I would love to hear from you.