14 Ways to Lose Fat Fast!

14 Ways to Lose Fat Fast

It is possible to lose fat fast.

In this video, I’m going to explain 14 different ways that you can do it.

Some of the things that you’ll learn in this video include:

  • The best diets for losing fat fast.
  • Foods to avoid eating, or to start eating to speed up fat loss.
  • Techniques that I used to speed up fat loss and lose 16kgs (35lbs) in just over 3 and a half months, at age 43.
  • The best type of weight loss supplement to take.
  • How to approach weight loss, so you don’t feel stressed, overwhelmed or give up before you reach your goal.

1. Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting to lose fat

The first diet is intermittent fasting and you may have heard about it already if you’ve been looking into fat loss.

Essentially, it means eating during a specific window of time every day and not eating outside of that window, so you’re in a ‘fasted’ state.

Intermittent fasting does work to speed up fat loss, but not in the way that many people think it does.

For example: According to the results of multiple studies, restricting the number of calories you eat per day, versus doing intermittent fasting essentially achieves the same amount of weight loss if the participants stick to the diet.

So both diets (i.e. eating less every day or eating during a certain window of time) do work.

Yet, intermittent fasting is better because it helps you stay disciplined.

As a personal example, I did intermittent fasting and it was one of the main things that helped me lose fat fast because it kept me on track and made sure that I wasn’t eating anything outside of the time that I had allotted.

For example: My wife would sometimes say, “Hey, honey, do you want some of this?” or, “Hey, try this” and I would always say, “No, I’m fasting,” which helped me avoid eating extra calories for the day and therefore, lose fat faster.

Another example is with our twin daughters.

We give them dinner at 6:30 p.m and most of the time it’s healthy food, but sometimes we order in a pizza because they really like to eat that.

Hawaiian pizza - approximately 250 calories per slice

When the pizza arrives, it smells great, it looks great, and I know it tastes great, but I say, “No, I’m fasting.”

1 piece of pizza vs 2 pieces - calories

I don’t eat it and that saves me approximately 250 to 500 calories if I were to have one or two slices of pizza, for example.

So, if a person is doing caloric restriction where they try to eat fewer calories every day, but they’re not restricted to eating during certain periods of time, what can happen is that in moments like those, or when they see a snack that they want to eat, they may say to themselves, “Well, look, I’ve been doing great. I’ve been eating less calories than I need. I’m losing weight. I can afford to have a bit of this or have a bit of that, or I can have this snack. It doesn’t matter.”

On the days they do that, they will end up adding another 250, 500, 600 calories, or maybe even more, depending on what they decide to eat.

So, their weight loss is slowed down, and they may even go backwards and add fat on certain days.

Yet, someone who does intermittent fasting will lose fat on a daily basis if they stick to eating less calories than are needed to maintain their current weight and stick to eating those calories during a set period of time every day.

2. The ALL Diet

ALL stands for “A Little Less” and essentially, you eat the type of foods that you’ve been eating, but you serve yourself a little less.

All Diet - eat a little less and you will reduce calories and lose fat every day

Say, for example, you had a 250-gram steak, 200 grams of pan-fried vegetables, and 200 grams of rice.

That would come to approximately 1,100 calories.

However, if you had the same steak but only had 100 grams of pan-fried vegetables and 100 grams of rice, it would total approximately 880 calories, saving you 220 calories for that day.

The same applies when something like granola cereal.

For example: If you pour in 250 grams, it can equal 1,178 calories, 200 grams/942 calories, 150 grams/707 calories, 100 grams/471 calories and 50 grams would be approximately 236 calories, depending on the type of granola.

Granola calorie comparison

So, if you have 100 grams instead of 250 grams, you will save approximately 707 calories for that day.

Not only does that help you lose fat faster, but it also allows you to be more relaxed and easygoing when eating foods throughout the rest of the day.

For example: If you’re putting some butter on toast, you don’t have to be worried about how much butter you’re putting on because that might be few extra calories.

You’ve already saved so many calories by putting in less granola cereal into your cereal in the morning, so it doesn’t matter if you have an extra 50 calories because you put more butter on your toast, or had an extra bit of rice in another meal for example.

You’re already way ahead due to eating A Little Less.

The thing is though, if you have 100 grams of granola cereal, for example, rather than 250 grams, you’re not going to feel as full as at 250 grams, but I can tell you from personal experience that you still feel satisfied; you still feel good after eating it.

You don’t get to enjoy eating as long and enjoy all the crunching and munching that goes on and it’s over a lot quicker, but you still get to eat the granola cereal or whatever you eat for breakfast.

With The ALL Diet, you allow yourself to eat what you want eat, but you reduce the amount that you’re serving to yourself.

As long as it equals you eating less calories than you need to maintain your current weight, then you will lose weight for that day.

3. The ModernX Diet

The ModernX diet is where you eat 2 meals per day rather than 3.

You can eat the 2 meals within a certain window of time like with intermittent fasting, or at whatever time you like.

In addition to the 2 meals, you also take a supplement that speeds up fat loss and a supplement that keeps you feeling full throughout the day or evening so you don’t give in to cravings and end up eating extra calories that result in you not being able to lose fat for that day.

Eating 2 meals per day rather than 3 helps to ensure that without having to count calories, you will almost certainly eat less calories than you need to maintain your current weight which automatically results in fat loss.

Lean Plus - Fat loss supplement by ModernX

You can then speed up fat loss even more with a supplement such as Lean Plus by ModernX, which has ingredients that have been scientifically proven to speed up fat loss.

To ensure that you feel full, satisfied, and don’t give in to cravings, I also recommend having a double protein shake that is high in protein and low in calories.

The double protein shake I used included one scoop from Advanced Whey Isolate protein and one scoop from Plant Protein Plus 11 Super Fruits.

That double protein shake gives you 51 grams of protein for only 230 calories, compared to 663 calories to get 51 grams of protein from 8 and a half eggs, or 542 calories to get that amount of protein from a 200-gram steak.

That’s a huge savings of calories for the day, which will help you lose fat faster.

If a person doesn’t have the double protein shake and only eats 2 meals per day, they can end up feeling hungry for the rest of the day and evening if they only eat breakfast and lunch, or hungry throughout the middle of the day if they only eat breakfast and dinner.

This is why it’s important to have something that is high in protein, but low in calories like a double protein shake so you feel fuller for longer and don’t feel the need to have a third meal, which can end up adding at least 700 to 800 more calories for the day, depending on what you eat.

Essentially, if you want to speed up fat loss, then you want to make sure that you’re giving yourself a chance to reduce the number of calories that you’re taking in and also speed up fat loss in any way you can.

The best type of supplement that you can take to lose fat, is one that has scientific proof that it actually works.

Lean Plus includes ingredients that have been scientifically proven to speed up fat loss.

There are many great supplements out there on the market and you just need to take one that has some scientific proof in terms of the ingredients, rather than just taking whatever because it sounds good.

Find a supplement that actually has scientific proof so you know that it’s going to work.

Scientific proof for each ingredient is listed under the Lean Plus product.

The next way to lose fat fast is to…

4. Transition Away From Foods That Include Added Sugar

There’s nothing wrong with eating foods with natural sugars inside of them such as fruits or vegetables.

However, problems occur when people eat foods that have added sugar.

So that can be at a restaurant where the chef adds sugar to a sauce to make it taste more fun and enjoyable, or it can be a snack or a sugary drink of some kind.

Avoid food with added sugar. If the sugar energy isn't used, it gets stored as extra fat on your body

Sugary drinks add fat by overloading your body with sugar, which is then converted into fat and stored for you to use at a later date

Some snacks or sugary drinks can contain 10 or 20 times the amount of sugar that would be in a piece of fruit, for example.

The problem with that is the body reacts by releasing insulin to bring down sugar levels when sugar levels are high in a person’s body, but it can only do so much.

The body isn’t capable of dealing with huge sugar loads.

When the body can’t bring down the blood sugar levels low enough and clear it away, the leftover sugar in the blood gets converted into fat.

It gets put into fat stores to be used as energy for much later.

That’s one of the main reasons why having food with added sugar causes fat gain.

It’s also because foods with added sugar have extra calories in them that you don’t actually need.

You could eat the specific food without added sugar, or maybe just a little bit of it and it would still taste great.

Yet, with all the added sugar comes all these extra calories that just add to the number of calories that you’re taking in for that day.

So, I’ve labeled this particular point as “transition away from” foods that include added sugar.

You don’t have to stop it 100% immediately and never eat those foods again because you’ll most likely get cravings for those types of foods if you have been eating them on a regular basis.

Just start to transition away from them.

The faster you can do it, the faster you’ll speed up your fat loss.

5. Transition Away From Snacks…For Now

The main reason to transition away from snacks for now (you can get back to eating them later, I’ll explain how), is that when you eat, say, a main meal like dinner, and your body digests that food, and then later on, you start to feel a bit hungry at about 9:00 p.m. or 10:00 p.m. and you feel like having a snack, what’s actually going on is that your body’s releasing a hormone called Ghrelin.

Ghrelin makes you feel hungry, even when you have plenty of fat to use as energy

What Ghrelin essentially does is try to prevent you from using fat as energy because if you were to encounter a survival situation where you didn’t have access to food, then if you don’t have enough fat stores, then you’re going to die of starvation a lot quicker than if you were to have fat stores to live off.

So, your body is always trying to keep fat just in case.

“Possible to survive without food and drink within a time span of 8 to 21 days. If a person is only deprived of food, the survival time may even go up to about two months, although this is influenced by many factors.” National Library of Medicine, USA

Yet, the body doesn’t realize that we live in the modern world, where we can use an app and just order in some food, go to the pantry and there are snacks in there, go to the supermarket, endless food, or if a supermarket isn’t available, go to an outdoor community market where fresh produce and takeaway food will be available for purchase.

There is plenty of food around us and we’re not going to starve.

The hunger system of the body doesn’t care about all of that and it will continue to suggest that you eat something by releasing Ghrelin and making you feel hungry, even though you don’t need to eat anything at that point and even though you could survive off your fat stores for weeks.

For example: A person who has extra fat on their body is not going to die because they didn’t eat anything for 3 or 4 hours due to not snacking in between meals.

It’s not going to be a case of, for example, a man feeling hungry, he hasn’t eaten anything for 4 hours. His body is trying to get him to eat. He doesn’t eat and suddenly he just drops dead.

The ambulance gets there and they ask, “What happened?” And the people around him say, “Well, he didn’t need anything for 4 hours. He was feeling hungry, but he didn’t eat anything. Not very smart!”

That’s not going to happen.

A person’s not going to drop dead because they didn’t respond to the feelings of hunger that they were having. Why? The person has loads of fat stores that they can use for energy.

So, if you want to speed up fat loss, one of the things to do is to not give in to any sort of craving to snack.

Instead, understand that your body is essentially saying to you, “Hey, if you don’t eat something now, I’m going have to start using fat as energy, therefore, you’re going to lose fat.”

The way to respond is to think, “Fine. Use the fat. Go for it, get rid of this fat. I don’t want it.”

Essentially, you’ve got to get used to not panicking, not worrying when you have that feeling of hunger, and just knowing that you are burning fat during that time; you’re getting rid of fat by using fat as energy.

Once you’ve lost the amount of fat that you want to lose, it’s totally fine to then start having some snacks again.

Having a packet of chips or a chocolate bar is not going to make you fat overnight because you’ve already lost so much fat.

Also, if you are eating under the amount of calories that you need to eat to maintain your weight, then you’re not going to cause a massive fat gain from occasionally having a packet of chips, or a cookie, or a piece of cake.

It’s totally fine to eat those things here and there.

Yet, prior to getting to that point, it’s best to get into the habit of not giving into Ghrelin; not giving in to the Ghrelin Gremlin.

If you start to feel those hunger pains and the rumbling in your stomach, just know that your body is using fat as energy, and that is a good thing.

Eventually, you will be able to add some snacks into your diet because you have lost so much fat and you’re not going to become fat overnight from a snack here and there.

6. Eat Weight Loss Calories, But Do it in a Way That You Can Sustain

Weight loss calories, maintenance calories and weight gain calories

Essentially, there are three types of calories:

  1. Weight loss calories.
  2. Maintenance calories, and;
  3. Weight gain calories.

A mistake that some people make is to think that if eating less calories results in weight loss, then they should eat as little food as possible, almost to the point of starving themselves every day.

Yet, that approach to dieting doesn’t last long for most people because, practically, no one wants to feel like they’re starving every day.

So, while you do need to eat weight loss calories, you should do it in a way that feels comfortable to you so you don’t end up giving up, eating a whole lot of food, and then having to start from scratch all over again.

For example: At my age of 43, 5’9 in terms of height, and 83 kilos or 182 pounds, the recommended daily calories to maintain that weight was 2,120, but I had an average of 1,300 to 1,500 calories per day.

I could have lost fat by eating a few more hundred calories per day (i.e. eating 1700-1800 per day), but it would’ve been slower.

Likewise, I could have lost fat even faster by eating even less calories (i.e. 1,000 to 1,100), but if I did that, I would’ve felt like I was starving every day.

By eating 1,300 to 1,500 calories or approximately 30% to 40% less calories than were needed to maintain my weight, I lost fat fast, still felt full and enjoyed eating great food.

So, try to reduce your calories as much as possible, but to ensure that you continue and reach your weight loss goal, do it in a way that feels comfortable, that way you won’t give up and you will succeed at losing the fat you want.

7. Take Before and After Photos on a Regular Basis

Dan Bacon - before after fat loss

The reason why is that it’s hard to notice the changes in your body, if you’re just looking at yourself in the mirror.

When you take a photo of yourself, you can really see the details.

For me, personally, when I was taking photos along the way, it helped me speed up fat loss because I thought, “I’m going to need to do something more to get this done faster,” which resulted in me reducing the amount of rice that I was putting on the plate (i.e. using The ALL Diet) when I had a main meal and reducing the amount of granola that I was eating every day, which led to faster fat loss.

Essentially, in the mirror, you can find yourself thinking, “Yeah. I look pretty good,” but then when you look at the photo, you can see all the fat.

Dan Bacon - fat loss before after

It really sticks out and you can really pay attention to say, “Right. I have love handles there. Oh, right, I’ve still got some fat around this area and that area.”

It just makes it so much clearer.

It also shows the progress that you’re making as well.

So, you not only feel good about the progress that you’re making, but you’re also getting a bit of reality check and saying, “Right. I need to stick with this. I need to keep going and if possible, I need to try to reduce the amount of calories that I’m taking in every day so I can speed up fat loss.”

8. Gradually Get Used to Knowing Approximately How Many Calories You’re Eating

So, rather than calorie-counting, which 99.9% of people don’t want to do, including myself, what you can do is calorie-checking.

The way that I approached it is that when I was eating some food, I would just casually check Google and say, “How many calories is 200 grams of chicken?” or, “How many calories is this amount of rice? How many calories is this or that?”

I also looked at the back of granola cereal packs and was shocked at how many calories they actually include when you eat a lot of it.

I used to eat 200 to 250 grams of granola, plus the fruit in the bowl, plus the milk and it would’ve been like 1,300 calories or something like that.

It was way too much because I was eating 3 big meals per day and having some snacks here and there.

It’s enjoyable to eat that amount of food, and I really did like it, but if you want to lose fat fast, you have to try to reduce the amount of calories that you’re taking in.

One way to do it is to just casually check here and there rather than thinking, “Right. I have to count how many calories I’m eating at every meal. I have to have a list every day. I have to add them all up and know how many I’m taking in per day.”

You don’t need to do that.

Just check and get a fair idea so as you’re going through the process, you know approximately how much you’re taking in every day.

9. Don’t Try to Do Too Much All at Once

Trying to do too much all at once can result in some people giving up on fat loss and feeling like it’s too difficult.

Alternatively, a person may try hard, do a bunch of things at once, feel stressed and then decide to eat even more to make themselves feel better, which then results in more fat gain.

That’s why I say things transition away from snacks rather than, “Hey, immediately stop eating snacks. Immediately do this, immediately do that.”

Just transition away from doing things that cause fat gain and get used to doing things that cause fat loss.

With exercise, for example, most people who want to lose fat usually aren’t into exercising and don’t really want to have to exercise to lose their fat.

They want some other way to do it and they can lose fat just by caloric restriction, or eating during a certain period of time and making sure that they’re eating less calories than they actually need, which is what I call weight loss calories or by taking a fat loss supplement.

Yet, if a person wants to speed up fat loss even faster, exercise does definitely help.

However, it’s not something that a person needs to do full-on right away.

Instead, it’s just something that you need to get used to if you’re not used to it.

What a person usually finds is that if they start doing some exercise and are also eating less calories, they will see fat loss results and will then feel more motivated to continue.

That said, a person doesn’t need to do it full-on, right away, get everything perfectly done, and make sure that they only eat X amount of calories and do X amount of exercise per week, otherwise, they’re a failure.


Just get used to doing it.

Of course, the faster you can get used to doing it, the faster you’ll lose fat.

10. Ramp Up Exercise When You’re Ready

Ramp up exercise when you're ready to help with fat loss

For me, personally, initially, I could only work out 3 nights per week due to muscle stiffness and being out of shape.

Yet, within a few weeks, I was up to 5 nights per week.

Eventually, I also added in a morning workout where I did uphill walking on a treadmill for 30 minutes and 30 minutes of ab workouts.

The thing is, if I wasn’t in a hurry to get it done to show my results online, then I would not have done the morning workouts.

I really didn’t want to do them, but I did it because I wanted to show what is possible in terms of speeding up fat loss.

It definitely did help.

Yet, the reality is that many people don’t have the time to exercise morning and night.

If you do have the time though, it’s something to work towards if you can ramp up the amount of exercise that you’re doing.

If you’re doing 30 minutes and can eventually go to 45 or an hour, or you’re doing an hour and you can do an hour and 20 minutes; anything a bit extra is going to help you speed up fat loss, as long as you’re not taking in more calories to give you more energy for the workouts.

You’ve always got to remember that your body will use fat as energy, which causes fat loss if you don’t give it extra calories for the extra exercise that you’re doing.

11. Increase Protein While Decreasing Carbs

The main reason for increasing protein and decreasing carbohydrates is that protein keeps you feeling fuller for longer.

As a result, you are less likely to want a snack in between meals and, therefore, you can reduce the amount of calories you are taking in per day.

12. Try Using a Food Scale to Be More Accurate in Your Reductions of Food

I definitely did not want to use a scale to measure the amount of food that I was eating, but I realized that it was going to speed up fat loss, so I started to do it.

What I discovered is that it’s very easy to underestimate how many calories you’re actually taking in.

Use a food scale to help reduce calories and lose fat faster

For example: How many grams of pasta do you think is in the bowl on the left compared to the right?

I’ll tell you the answer in a second, but try to guess.

There are 250 grams of pasta on the left and 100 grams on the right.

That’s a saving of just under 200 calories for the meal.

So, if and when you’re ready to do so, try using a scale to be more accurate in your reductions of food so you can lose fat faster.

13. Do Some HIIT When You’re Ready

It has been proven that HIIT or high-intensity interval training speeds up fat loss by 28.5% compared to normal aerobic training.

It's difficult and near impossible to do HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) when obese

The thing is though, it’s not going to be possible or comfortable for some overweight people to do HIIT exercise right away.

So, for some people, it’s something to work towards.

Add HIIT to your workout when ready, to help speed up fat loss

If you can add HIIT to your exercise routine and you even just do 10 minutes per week, it will definitely help you speed up fat loss.

14. Use Stress-Reducing Mindsets

Studies have found that high levels of mental or emotional stress can cause the body to store more fat from food, while also causing a person to want to eat more tasty, high-calorie foods to make themselves feel better.

Additionally, it has been found that you can reduce stress by at least 23% if you use positive stress-reducing mindsets versus thinking in a stressed or negative manner.

So, while you’re going through your weight loss journey and heading towards your goal weight or your ideal physique, be sure to keep your stress levels low by using positive stress-reducing mindsets such as these.

  • I’m losing fat and it’s easy for me.
  • It may take a few weeks longer than I thought because of this or that, but that’s okay. I’m getting there.
  • I find it easy and enjoyable to exercise at home or at the gym.
  • It’s good to cook for myself rather than ordering in food because I know what’s in it.
  • I’ve already lost X amount of kilos or pounds.
  • I’m doing a great job with this.
  • I’m getting better and better at choosing the right foods, which is causing me to lose fat faster.
  • I’m proud of what I’m doing and I will get to the weight I want.
  • I will have the physique that I want.
  • This is easy for me.
  • I’m on the way towards my goal. I can do it.

By using those sorts of mindsets, you’re going to feel a lot better along the way.

You’re also going to feel less stressed and more motivated to keep going because you’re not beating yourself up with negative mindsets such as:

  • Argh! I have to eat this!
  • I can’t eat that!
  • I have to go to the gym! *Sigh*
  • Man, I’m hungry. This is difficult!
  • Why is losing fat so hard?!

Having those sorts of mindsets is not going to help you.

Instead, you want to make sure that you maintain your momentum where you really are losing fat.

You are on track to get to the goal weight that you want.

So, while you are on your journey to lose fat, don’t beat yourself up.

Be good to yourself and enjoy the process along the way.

ModernX supplements that speed up fat loss:

  • Lean Plus
  • Advanced Whey Protein (when used instead of eating a 3rd meal for the day because it results in you feeling full, but not taking in a lot of calories)
  • Plant Protein Plus 11 Super Fruits (when used instead of eating a 3rd meal for the day because it results in you feeling full, but not taking in a lot of calories)